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OSEE/Users Guide/New

Planned Capabilities for OSEE Release 0.8.2

This release of OSEE concentrated on major bug fixes. However, an effort to improve our ability to support our customer base had also been initiated. This effort required selected customers to reevalute the actions they have originated and determine if these actions can be retracted (cancelled), particularly if they fall into any of the following categories:

  1. Overcome by events/no longer valid.
  2. Not backed up by a requirement (e.g. development of an emulator/model).
  3. Of relatively low importance or priority.
  4. Limited applicability to the user community.
  5. Duplicates.

Thanks to all who participated and helped us bring down the number of active actions so we can reasonably assess their relative importance and subsequently, get them into a release sometime in the future.

Results: Total Actions: 529; Total Cancelled: 324; Total Completed:188; Pending: 17

Highlighted Changes

ATS - Action Tracking System

Highlight of ATS bug fixes:

  • Corrected Task in task search window not saving after refresh
  • Fixed issue where the zoom out icon is identical to the zoom in icon
  • Created ability to subscribe for emails when action is written against an Actionable Item or Team Definition
  • Fixed Promoted Date not being updated issue
  • Added trailing "/" in search for view comparison view
  • Allow way to reset an attribute to its default value
  • Fixed issue where favorite branches are not saved when OSEE is restarted


  • Merge Manager Changes
    • Issues when merging Native Artifacts have been resolved.
    • A bug in the GUI not being able to display a conflict where an attribute was deleted and modified.
    • Side by side comparison for merging string attributes other than Word content
    • A bug that introduced false positives conflicts has been identified and resolved.
  • Improved Revision History View with filtering.
  • Native artifacts now have a preview menu option.
  • Resolved Remote Event Service client synchronization issues
  • Fixed tracked change errors causing infinite loop on saving

Help System

  • The OSEE Online Help is now dynamically generated from the Wiki page content as part of the build process.

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