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OSEE/OTE/Users Guide/Concepts


Core Test Enviroment

TestEnvironment is the base class the provides the core execution management of tests to all of the other more specialized test environments. It manages models, test execution, and holds onto many interfaces that determine the behavior of the environment. It is the starting point for testing in OSEE.

Message System Test Enviroment

The Message System Test Environment is the base environment that provides message and element support. This includes most of the element types such as Integer, Float, etc... and the checks that are available on both the message and the element. It also adds in the remote message service which enables all of the messaging based tools that remote clients use.


Models in the OTE environment are intended to be java objects that 'model' some aspect of the test environment needed by the Unit Under Test. Most likely this will be an external device that communicates with the unit under test so that different scenarios can be recreated and tested.

OTE provides management capabilities for models so that they can be easily accessed from both Java test programs and GUI's in the testers workbench.

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