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OSEE/Integrating OSEE and Bugzilla

Installing Mylyn

  • In OSEE, Select Help > Install New Software...
  • In the Work with: field, enter:
  • Select:
    • Mylyn Features
    • Mylyn Integration.
  • Click Next and proceed with the installation.
  • Restart and Show views "Task List" and "Task Repositories".


  • In the Task Repositories view, right click and select New Query.
    • Select Create query using form.
    • Fill in the query values:
      • Query Title: OSEE Bugzilla
      • Product: OSEE
    • Click Finish.

Submitting a bug

  • Change to the Task List view.
  • Right click OSEE Bugzilla [] and select New > Task....
    • Select the repository and click Finish.
  • Fill out the form describing the bug.
  • Click Submit.

Submitting a Patch

  • Open the bug from the Task View if it is not already open.
  • Under Attachments, attach the patch file.
    • Include a brief description as necessary and ensure that the Patch box is checked.
  • Enter a New Comment and select an appropriate Action (most likely Resolve as FIXED).
  • Click Submit.

Applying a Patch

  • Open the bug associated with the patch.
  • In the bug view, open the Attachments tab.
    • Right click the patch and select Apply Patch...
  • This will bring up the Review Patch view.
    • Changes to individual files can be reviewed by double clicking that file.
    • When done, click Finish.

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