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OSEE has many views which are presented in columns, so as to look like a table or spreadsheet. These views have powerful filters and sorting capability to make it much easier to see what you want.

Sorting by a column

  • Left-click on the column heading and the data will be sorted by that column
  • Left-click again on the same column to invert the sort order

Filtering a column

  • Hold the <Alt> key down on the keyboard and left-click on the column heading.
  • Type the text you want and click the "OK" button - only rows with the text in that column will appear
  • To show rows that don't contain something, put ! before the text - e.g. !create will give all rows that don't have the word create in the filtered column
  • To clear the filter, <Alt> left-click on the the column then click the "Clear" button

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