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OSEE/Define/Users Guide/Tips

Branch Manager

How do I quickly find branches I care about

In branch manager, you can select any branch, right-click and add as favorite. You can then select, via toolbar pull-down menu, to "Show Favorites First". This will sort your favorite branches to the top of the Branch Manager and any branch selection dialog.

How do I quickly select a branch

Selecting "Select Branch", you can type in the filter to filter out the branch you wish. Once your filter filters out all but a single branch, it will be automatically selected for you and you can press enter.

Artifact Explorer

How do I create another Artifact Explorer

Select the artifact explorer menu bar icon to create another view. Each Artifact Explorer can be set to it's own branch.

How do I quickly search from Artifact Explorer

Select the Quick Search menu bar icon to open the Quick Search view. This will also set the Quick Search view "Selected Branch" to the branch from the Artifact Explorer you choose.


What do I do when I am seeing some characters (such as smart quotes and != signs) show up as a little black rectangle instead?

  1. In Word, goto Tools->AutoCorrect Options
    1. In the "Replace text as you type" table , delete the "straight quotes with smart quotes" option
    2. In the "AutoFormat as you Type" Tab deselect the Replace as you type "straight quotes with smart quotes" selection
    3. In the "AutoFormat" Tab deselect the Replace "straight quotes with smart quotes" selection

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