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OSEE/Define/Users Guide/Features

Views and Editors

Merge Manager


Upon selecting to commit a working branch, OSEE will prompt the user to perform a merge if conflicts are detected between the changes made on the working branch and any changes made to the parent branch since the working branch was created. The Merge Manager in OSEE will be used to reconcile these differences.


From the Merge Manager tab, select the Merged Value icon which will cause the Edit the attribute window to appear. Perform the following steps for each artifact listed on the Merge Manager tab.


  1. Determine which change would be the easiest to re-implement (typically the smaller and simpler of the two). This can be done by comparing all of the changes made to this UI.
    • Show Source Diff displays the changes made on this working branch.
    • Show Destination Diff displays the changes made on the parent branch.
    • Show Source/Destination Diff displays changes made on destination against changes made on source.
  2. Select the more complicated of the two changes to populate the Merge Artifact: Populate with Source Data or Populate with Destination Data. The Merged Value column on the Merge Manager tab and the top-most icon in the Edit the attribute window will update to display "S" or "D" based upon this selection.
  3. Select Edit Merge Artifact to open the merge document for editing.
  4. Re-implement the changes from the simpler change report.
  5. If at any time the merge effort needs to be cleared or re-started, select Clear the Merge Artifact.
  6. The following selections may be used to review and confirm the changes made during the merge.
    • Show Source/Merge Diff displays the additional changes beyond those made on the working branch.
    • Show Destination/Merge Diff displays the additional changes beyond those made on the parent branch.
  7. Select Finish
  8. Under the Conflict Resolution column on the Merge Manager tab, check the box so that the resolution status updates from "Modified" to "Resolved".
  9. Relation order conflicts will appear as an attribute conflict. OSEE will auto merge these issues with no need for user input. If a problem arises please contact your OSEE admin.

Once all artifact conflicts have been addressed, the Merge Manager tab will report "All Conflicts Are Resolved." At this point, the user can return to the Workflow tab and re-initiate committing the branch.

OSEE will display the Commit Branch window to confirm the conflicts resolved via the Merge Manager. Since all the conflicts have been resolved, the user can select Ok to finish committing the branch.



Artifact Import Wizard

Artifact import selection.jpg

Artifact import wizard.jpg

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