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Acronym Description
AMS Attack Missions System
ATS Action Tracking System - The configuration management and problem-change request tool tightly integrated into OSEE.
BLAM Recursive Acronym - BLAM Lightweight Artifact Manipulation - Simple single page editor in the OSEE IDE that provides input, run button, logger window and result. Simple enough that an average engineer could create BLAMs to operation on the artifacts stored in OSEE.
Dispo / Disposition Dispo provides the ability to import automated or manual test results and disposition the failures with appropriate values and provides the ability to import successive result sets and apply previous dispositions where appropriate.
LBA Long Bow Apache
MCDC Modified condition/decision coverage – More information HERE
ORCS Object Revision Control System - The object layer compatible with any SQL compliant database that also provides revision control. This is what the OSEE applications like ATS, Define, Dispo and etc are built on.
WFE WorkFlow Editor - The ATS editor provided to edit a single Team Workflow, Review, Task, Goal, Backlog and Sprint.
World Editor The ATS editor provided to view and edit multiple Team Workflows, Reviews, Tasks, Goals, Backlogs and Sprints in one operation.

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