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Project Notice

The IHE Profile and Bridge implementations are currently transitioning from the Eclipse OHF Project to the Open Health Tools IHE Profiles Project. New support for 2008-2009 IHE Profiles, builds, documentation, etc. are coming soon and may be found on the OHT web site:


The IHE Client plugins are a set of plugins implementing IHE actors and data models. The code is based on the code IBM used to successfully pass the IHE Connectathon 2006 held in Chicago. The IHE Clients code has been migrated to the Eclipse environment and is available as Eclipse Plugins, Web Services (through the OHF Bridge), and as regular jar files in a non RCP environment. In this open source version of the IHE actors, we are using the OHF HL7 and security plugins.

Connectathon 2008

OHF is going to the North American 2008 Connectathon. Information for attendees using OHF is being compiled on IHE Connectathon 2008.

IHE Profile Implementations


Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing (PIX)

From the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework,
The Patient Identifier Cross-referencing Integration Profile (PIX) is targeted at healthcare enterprises of a broad range of sizes (hospital, a clinic, a physician office, etc.). It supports the cross-referencing of patient identifiers from multiple Patient Identifier Domains via the following interactions:
• The transmission of patient identity information from an identity source to the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager.
• The ability to access the list(s) of cross-referenced patient identifiers either via a query/ response or via update notification.

This documentation addresses the beta release of the Eclipse OHF plugin implementation of the IHE ITI Technical Framework actor Patient Identity Source for the implementation of the ITI-8 Patient Identity Feed Transaction.

OHF Patient Identity Source Client

This documentation addresses the beta release of the Eclipse OHF plugin implementation of the IHE ITI Technical Framework actor Patient Identifier Cross-reference Consumer for the implementation of the ITI-9 PIX Query Transaction.

OHF Patient Identifer Cross-reference Consumer Client

Patient Demographics Query (PDQ)

The Patient Demographics Query (PDQ) supports querying the Patient Demographics Supplier Actor for patients matching the demographic data in the query message.

This documentation addresses the beta release of the Eclipse OHF plugin implementation of the IHE ITI Technical Framework actor Patient Demographics Consumer for the implementation of the ITI-21 Patient Demographics Query Transaction.


OHF provides plugin implementation to support the "client" side of IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) Profile. In our context, the "client" side refers to the XDS Document Source and XDS Document Consumer Actors. These actors are supported by the XDS SOAP Client (used to encapsulate SOAP messaging) and the XDS Metadata Model (a conceptual representation of XDS Metadata along with companion extraction and transformation functions).

Details regarding the Version_0_2_0 (CVS tagged April 17, 2007) implementation of these plugins can be found in the following documents.

Beginning in the 2007-2008 IHE Season, XDS is now a "family" of profiles. XDS.a utilizes SOAP1.1 with Attachments for transport and XDS.b (the new one) relies on SOAP 1.2 and MTOM. We are working on updating the above PDF links. Preliminary documentation regarding using OHF to implement XDS.b can be found on the following site:


OHF provides a preliminary version of the IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Audit Trail and Node Authentication ( ATNA ), Audit Client API. This API is intended for use with any IHE Actor needing to send audit information to an Audit Record Repository.

Required Eclipse Plugins

For general instractions for the OHF CVS take a look at this page.

In order to use the IHE Client plugins, you will need to download the folowing projects from the CVS:

  • org.apache.commons
  • org.apache.commons.lang
  • org.apache.log4j
  • org.apache.xerces
  • org.apache.axis2
  • org.eclipse.ohf.hl7v2.core
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.atna.agent
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.atna.audit
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.atna.payload
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.atna.transport
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.common.atna
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.common.cdar2
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.common.ebXML._2._1
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.common.ebXML._3._0
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.common.hl7v2
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.common.hl7v2.client
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.common.mllp
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.pdq.consumer
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.pix.consumer
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.pix.source
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.xds
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.xds.consumer
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.xds.metadata
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.xds.metadata.extract
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.xds.metadata.extract.cdar2
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.xds.metadata.transform
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.xds.soap
  • org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.xds.source
  • org.eclipse.ohf.utilities
  • org.xmlpull.v1

Code Branches

An offical code branch for the IHE Plugins and OHF Bridge was made in April 2007. This branch (tagged OHF_IHE_2007_BRANCH) contains OHF code that was used successfuly in the 2007 North American Connectathon and 2007 European Union Connectathon. The API in this branch is frozen and only maintainance bug fixes will occur on the code. Details regarding the OHF_IHE_2007_BRANCH can be found on the following site:

The main trunk in CVS is the development branch. This code is being perpared and tested for the 2008 North American Connectathon. Details regarding the main trunk, as well as documentation regarding changes from previous branches can be found on the following site:


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