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IHE Connectathon 2008

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The page gives references and guidance to ISVs (independent software vendors) who wish to use OHF for the IHE 2008 Connectathon.

What is the IHE Connectathon?

The connectathon is a one week event organized by a regional IHE to perform interoperability testing of systems implementing IHE specified integration profiles. Currently, there are three annual connectathons North America, Europe, and Asia.

Your IHE Resources

Your OHF Resources

The OHF community is dedicated to the success of all OHF adopters at the IHE connecathons - interoperability should be achieved by ALL. We provide information on these pages to help vendors educate themselves on connectathon requirements and deadlines. The OHF newsgroup is a community resource that we want everyone to use during preparation and testing phases for connectathon. Please avoid emailing directly the OHF committers. We also are once again committing resources on-site at all 2008 connectathons where OHF adopters are testing (that we know about) to ensure they have rapid resolution of any OHF related issues.

Links for OHF mailing lists:

Link for accessing bugzilla (Technology Project > OHF Product):

Other resources (like FAQ pages) can be found at the bottom of this page.

Test Servers

We have accumulated information on public test servers that implement IHE profiles in the following wiki page:

Please consult this page if you are looking to do testing of your software integration with OHF beyond the requisite MESA Tests. Some of this test server information is already encoded in the various JUNIT tests provided by the IHE and OHF Bridge plugins.

OHF at Past Connectathons

2007-2008 Events

In an effort to centralize events we have listed a few events here. See the IHE Website for complete and up-to-date calendar listings.

Connectathon Tests

Pre-Testing, MESA and Connectathon Testing Links

MESA Tests

We will maintain OHF status regarding MESA tests. Once the OHF code has passed MESA by a committer, we will include links/documentation on the following page:

Keystore/Trust store for MESA Secure Node Certificate Tests (11141-11143)

A Java keystore and truststore (JKS) for the 2008 MESA test certificates are now available. When using OHF to do mutual TLS authentication, you must provide your private key (keystore) and the trusted host certificates (truststore) in the form of a Java keystore.

The following table provides direct links to the Official IHE Mesa Test documentation. If you have a question or encounter a problem with a particular MESA test, this should be directed at the MESA Test bug tracking system (links also provided below).

Keystore/Trust store for NIST Certificate Tests (11739-11743)

The NIST XDS server uses your Connectathon-generated certificate for MESA tests 11739-11743. For questions about how to generate a JKS for use with OHF, please see the newsgroup.

Official IHE MESA Test Documentation
Domain Profile Test Site URL
All Other All Other

Other resources

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