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MultiProtocol Relying Party Enablement

{{#eclipseproject:technology.higgins|eclipse_custom_style.css}} The relying party enablement code has been architected to support many different authentication protocols and can be implemented on many different application container platforms. The package org.eclipse.higgins.rp.interface contains all the interfaces needed for an API, SPI and other common utility functions.

Authentication protocols are implemented through Authentication Protocol Handlers. There should be a new project for each authentication protocol supported. Currently, the only supported authentication protocol handler is the Information Card authentication protocol handler. The authentication protocol handlers depend on a set of SPIs to handle the platform specific implementation. There should be no platform dependent code written into any of the authentication protocol handlers.

Relying Party applications can be configured to use one of the plaform specific implementations and one authentication protocol handler. In the future the code will support applications that want to give users a choice of authentication protocols to gain access to the application.

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