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Modeling Project Releng/Releasing/IP Log

Below is a quick list of the rules for maintaining your IP Log. Chances are your project or component will involve both cases 2 and 3.

Please also read this document.

CASE 1: No contributions, no third party code

If you have no contributed code and no 3rd party code, just verify that all your committers are properly listed here, and add/remove any that are missing / have been revoked: (/cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/modeling/emft/project-info/ipquery.php)
- or - (/cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/modeling/emf/project-info/ipquery.php)

CASE 2: Small code contributions (under 250 LOC per contribution)

If you have contributed code, make sure that all the contributions are attached to bugzillas, and that those bugs include the 'contributed' keyword.

CASE 3: Large code contributions &/or third party code

If you have third party code (or contributions larger than 250 LOC), please ensure that a CQ has been filed for EVERY COMPONENT that uses that code. You can use the Portal to quickly find and resubmit an existing CQ for modeling.emft for your component.

1. Log into the Portal
2a. Click [request] to use, reference, or distribute third-party code that is maintained elsewhere
- or -
2b. Click [use] a third-party library from Orbit

Then, when the CQ is filed, verify that it appears here:
- or -

If it doesn't, make sure that your CVS repos are properly listed in the Portal:

1. Log into the Portal
2. Click [maintain] Project Info meta-data
3. Click source repository [edit]
4. Add/remove CVS paths that should (not) be there. If your component has graduated from EMFT to EMF, repeat the above process for the modeling.emf project metadata.

While the Foundation IP Log is being developed (bug 220977), you should also duplicate this information in the Modeling IP Log by adding it here, so that the Eclipse Legal folks can better reconcile the two IP Log formats: (/cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/modeling/emft/project-info/ipquery.php)
- or - (/cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/modeling/emf/project-info/ipquery.php)

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