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Modeling Project Releng/Branching


To support both a HEAD and an Rx_y_maintenance branch, you need to branch your cvs repository. This is accomplished easily using Eclipse or commandline CVS.

In Eclipse, select your plugins, then right-click and do Team > Branch...

If you're following the usual convention, you'd do your Eclipse 3.3 compatible work in HEAD and your Eclipse 3.2 work in a maintenance branch. Taking the JET Editor project as an example, you'd do something like this:

  1. build a 0.7.0 R build. Use type "R" (Release), then set the build alias field on the build page to "0.7.0".
  2. create a branch called R0_7_maintenance, with root R0_7_0. (You'll create a redundant, but potentially handy tag for your 0.7.0 release.)
  3. begin doing "R0_7_maintenance | 0.7.1" builds from your build page at /emft/build/?project=jeteditor. Pick Eclipse 3.2 driver from the list (they'll have M or R).
  4. at the same time, start on your Eclipse 3.3 development, then kick builds using "HEAD | 0.8.0" from the picker on the build page. Select an Eclipse 3.3 driver (they have I or S or R). You can get these from here:

NOTE: be sure to copy just the http path to the tar.gz file, without ?file= querystring stuff in it. For example:

The recommended list of tags for use with org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder is located here and updated when new tags are added (usually once a miletone).

Troubleshooting FAQ

I chose to build my maintenance branch from the web UI, but the built plugins are coming from HEAD.

Check that your map file of your maintenance branch releng plugin refers to the branched plugin and not to HEAD.

How do I add or change the branch values on the build web UI?

After a release, you will want to either increment from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2 or add a new branch value for 0.8.0. See also Release Reviews & x.y.0 Final Builds.

For a component such as MDT's UML2 Tools, edit /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/modeling/mdt/uml2tools/build/_common.php and commit your changes to CVS.

Then make sure that file is updated on your build server. SSH to the server and type:

cd /var/www/html/modeling/mdt/uml2tools/build/
cvs -q up -Pd

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