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Milestone 1.0M9


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  • Original Date June 15
  • Revised Date July 27
  • Revised Date August 13
  • Revised Date September 17
  • Revised Date October 1
  • Revised Date October 20
  • Actually Done November 2

Focus is:

  1. Finalize/freeze the architecture --all major interfaces defined and implemented
  2. Nightly automated builds for all components
  3. Improved deployment build documentation

Architecture and Interfaces Finalized

The expectation is that 1.0M9 (formerly "M0.9") represents finalized architecture for 1.0. (i.e. there will be no new component-level interfaces, etc.)

  • IdAS Registry - finalize design
  • RPPS interfaces - need to merge/harmonize IBM Zurich and Parity Ukraine branches
  • CardStoreStrategy - finalize design
  • H3 architectural changes
    • Embedded CardManager - finalize design
    • DLL for Browser extensions to call
    • Single process
  • HBX support for H2, H3 deployment configs (ability to launch local native or java process)
  • IE HBX (and possibly retrofitted to Firefox) to use native i-card selector (reusing code from H2 config)
  • Data Model - need to add a new kind of Attribute metadata (required for r-cards): editable by subscriber
  • If possible: automated nightly build scripts for all components

Misc Todo

  • Remove all mention of Safari from v1.0
  • Automated build scripts for all components
  • Wiki pages for all components (well, progress anyway)
  • A few misc web-based selector issues
    1. Can import MSFT CardSpace format personal cards (.crds files)
    2. Need a user friendly way of importing a .crd file --e.g. double click on .crd file


Each Component owner should add a link to the 1.0M9 "to do list" for their component:

  • HBX
  • I-Card Manager
  • RPPS Web app
  • RPPS Core
  • ISS
  • Token Service TS ToDo
  • IdAS: IdAS 1.0M9 tasks
  • IdAS Jena CP

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