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Welcome to our Wiki. This is the Wiki home page for the Maynstall (formerly Maya) project, a proposed Eclipse Technology sub project.


The goal of the Maynstall incubator project is to provide an exemplary application to enable automated deployment of Eclipse installations by building on services within Equinox and content exposed via update sites. The Maynstal project will take a first step in providing the provisioning services required to enable organizations to leverage the Eclipse platform for both internal and external tooling built on top of Eclipse. Many users within an organization are unfamiliar with Eclipse; those users leveraging Eclipse software should not be required to learn the update manager or associated technology. Maya will promote a centralized deployment model for Eclipse in contrast to the standard Eclipse update mechanism which is designed to empower each individual client and by association user. The platform will be extensible allowing it to be leveraged in multiple deployment modes beyond those directly supplied by the project.


  • Maya Project Proposal -- Explore the Maynstall (formerly Maya) project proposal for high level details on the Maya project.

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