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Provisioning Server Needs

Place holder to track needs for the provisioning server potentially to be built as part of the Maynstall project though these notes do not specifically only apply to Maynstall. Note that while we collect a full set of provisioning server needs here, we likely will look to build the enabling technology needed but likely won't address each particular area as part of the project. View this list as "The provisioning server should be able to enable..." as opposed to "The provisioning server will...".


For each major area please create another section on this page. If you would like to provide additional details, please link to a sub-page instead of overfilling this one. Upon completion, this page should have a good summary of the different needs to be addressed by the provisioning server.

Enterprise Profile-Based Provisioning

Allow users in an enterprise to provision an RCP or IDE instance of Eclipse based off of a common shared profile. Should allow some amount of control over what operations can be performed likely by providing a server-coordinated governor on the client installs.

... More to come ...

Added by Tim W

Policy-based Roll-out

It should be possible to roll-out profiles based on policies. For example, in a group of machines the next machine should be provisioned (updated) after the current one was provisioned successfully (i.e. came back fine) and/or only one group should be provisioned at a time and/or provisioning of the next group requires verification and confirmation by an administrator, etc.


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