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MDT/XSD/New and Noteworthy/Galileo

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Eclipse XSD New and Noteworthy items for the Galileo release.

Note that feature work on this component was minimal, resulting in just one item to describe here. Active bug fixing continued in this release, as summarized in the generated Release Notes.

Milestone 3

This milestone was completed on Tuesday, 23 September 2008.

New Schema Extension (ecore:nsURI)

The EMF Model Importer for XML Schema maps the targetNamespace of a schema to the nsURI of the corresponding EPackage, but there was previously no way to specify an nsURI (which is required) for a schema without target namespace. A value was simply formed from the URI of the resource containing the schema.

Bug 245190 added support for using an ecore:nsURI attribute (the Ecore namespace is "") on a schema element to specify the nsURI for a schema without target namespace.

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