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MDT/UML2/New and Noteworthy/5.5.0

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M3 (November 26)


  • A release record has been created for the 5.5.0 release, which will be included in the 2018-12 simultaneous release with an offset of +1.
  • The UML2 project has moved to v2.0 of the Eclipse Public License (see bug 535301).
  • The UML2 5.5.0 M3 build has been contributed to the 2018-12 release train.


  • A few internal implementation changes have been made to make it easier to generate a CDO implementation of UML2 (see bug 540786).
  • A new extension point has been introduced to make it easier to override the default cache adapter implementation (see bug 540812). The UML2 code generator has also been updated to default to the singleton instance of the cache adapter (see bug 541314).

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