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MDT/OCL Photon Deprecations


This page identifies APIs that may become deprecated in the Photon release.

Entries to this page are added during development and so may be retracted after review.


org.eclipse.ocl.ecore, org.eclipse.ocl.uml content-types, *.oclecore, *.ocluml and *.oclxmi extensions

Bug introduced the *.oclecore, *.ocluml and *.oclxmi extensions to avoid the conflicting use of *.ocl for both concrete and abstract syntax. It is not clear that the *.oclecore, *.ocluml and *.oclxmi extensions have ever been used; they are certainly not used by the closer to portable Pivot Abstract Syntax for which the extension is *.oclas. The *.oclecore, *.ocluml and *.oclxmi extensions and their corresponding org.eclipse.ocl.ecore, org.eclipse.ocl.uml content-types are therefore deprecated. See

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