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MDT/OCL Juno Deprecations


This page identifies APIs that may become deprecated in the Juno release.

Entries to this page are added during development and so may be retracted after review.


Persistence of a DelegateDomain can lead to leaks and stale functionality. A Delegate URI String should be used to configure factories.

  • AbstractOCLDelegateFactory(OCLDelegateDomain) => AbstractOCLDelegateFactory(String)
  • OCLInvocationDelegateFactory(OCLDelegateDomain) => OCLInvocationDelegateFactory(String)
  • OCLQueryDelegateFactory(OCLDelegateDomain) => OCLQueryDelegateFactory(String)
  • OCLSettingDelegateFactory(OCLDelegateDomain) => OCLSettingDelegateFactory(String)
  • OCLValidationDelegateFactory(OCLDelegateDomain) => OCLValidationDelegateFactory(String)

The legacy delegate support was provided by the URI. This is moving to so that the original URI can be a user preference direction to legacy or pivot (or ...) support. This requires the factory to have a configurable URI.

  • AbstractOCLDelegateFactory() => AbstractOCLDelegateFactory(String)
  • OCLInvocationDelegateFactory() => OCLInvocationDelegateFactory(String)
  • OCLQueryDelegateFactory() => OCLQueryDelegateFactory(String)
  • OCLSettingDelegateFactory() => OCLSettingDelegateFactory(String)
  • OCLValidationDelegateFactory() => OCLValidationDelegateFactory(String)

System Properties

  • org.eclipse.ocl.uml
  • org.eclipse.uml2.uml.resources

In Helios and Indigo org.eclipse.ocl.uml.OCL.initialize used these two system properties to allow users to identify the locations of UML and OCL resource providing plugins. These properties are now deprecated; they are still used in Juno when present, but they should now be omitted since there is now a classpath search to locate the plugins.

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