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MDT/OCL/New and Noteworthy 3.0.1

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Eclipse OCL New and Noteworthy items for the Helios 3.0.1 SR1 release.



322159 Diagnose and workaround genmodel without Operation Reflection.


OCLinEcore editor

318119 Save no longer flashes XMI.

320689 Enum and DataType now conform to OclAny so that e.g. oclIsInvalid is no longer undefined.

321171 Reference opposite is now resolvable when the type is qualified.

321493 Unicode characters supported in annotations.

321518 Multi-line annotations supported.

321903 Supertype is now resolvable when qualified.

322675 OCLinEcore menu items now localized to OCLinEcore.

322886 CompleteOCL genmodel registration now findable.

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