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The MDT-EODM Project has closed. This page has been locked and is for Archival purposes only.

EODM is an implementation of RDF(S)/OWL metamodels of the Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) using EMF with additional parsing, inference, model transformation and editing functions.

EODM is part of the IBM Integrated Ontology Development Toolkit (IODT). The proposed ODM standard unifies UML and MOF Standards from OMG and the emerging Semantic Web standards from W3C - RDF (Resource Description Framework) and OWL (Web Ontology Language) specifically. It is the first coherent effort to integrate Model Driven Technologies and Semantic Web Technologies. EODM uses Eclipse and the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) to drive this integration. It is the first design and implementation of ODM within the Eclipse, EMF and Semantic Web community. EODM allows users to load a RDF/OWL ontology into EMF-based Java objects, to manipulate and infer the EMF Java objects which represents the RDF/OWL ontology in memory, and to serialize the Java objects to an ontology in RDF/XML syntax. EODM also provides model transformation capabilities between RDF/OWL and other modeling languages, such as ECore, UML and ER etc.

EODM includes the following components:

  • EMF-based RDF/OWL Model
  • RDF/OWL parser
  • RDF/OWL reasoner
  • RDF/OWL transformer
  • Basic Workbench which provides basic Eclipse editors for RDF/OWL



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