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Local I-Card Service Package


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The Local I-Card Service Package is a package of C++ components that provide an I-Card Services API. This package provides the core service necessary to support the user interface of a card selector.

Version 1.1

New package of components being developed for Higgins 1.1

H1.1 Architecture


(Diagram Key)

The diagram above shows the red-outlined components separate components from LICS (.higgins.iis), but they have not yet been split out as separate project folders here: Components 1.1.

Components & Services:



The LICS is a C++ component that implements the core services of an identity selector. The API supports these functions:

  • Manages a local set of information cards with the ability (if online) to synchronize with the CardSync Web App. This synchronization requires the ability to authenticate to the CardSync Web App.
  • Includes a local STS that is used to generate and sign tokens generated from self-asserted data on personal cards

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