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Linux Distributions Project/News


The creation review was a success and the project was approved. Thanks to Andrew Overholt for all his hard work!


We will be holding a BOF at LinuxWorld San Francisco 2006 for our project. Here are the details:

Title: BOF 16 - Eclipse on Linux Project

Date: August 16, 2006 6:00 p.m.

Place: Room 306, LinuxWorld Expo at Moscone Center, San Francisco

Presenter: Cory Aitchison, Novell


The Eclipse on Linux project is focused on promoting the adoption of Eclipse as an application development environment for Linux. At this BOF session we will discuss the issues surrounding the packaging of Eclipse for Linux and proposed standards in this regard. We will also discuss existing and lacking tools within Eclipse for Linux, and how to address the shortcomings.

If you have suggestions for agenda items or topics, please post them to the mailing list. If you are planning on attending LinuxWorld, please come and support the BOF. Help us promote the adoption of Eclipse on Linux!

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