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Linux Tools Project

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Linux Tools
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Welcome to the main wiki page for the Eclipse Linux Tools Project. If you use Eclipse on Linux and are interested in promoting the adoption of Eclipse as an application development environment for the Linux platform, you are very welcome to get involved and help us out. Tips for getting involved are available at our Getting Involved page.


The goals of our project are:

  • Create more Linux Development Tools for Eclipse, for example:
    • GNU ChangeLog support
    • RPM Spec file editors
    • Valgrind, Perf integration
    • SystemTap integration
    • GCov, GProf integration
    • LTTng integration
    • and more...
  • Simplify the creation of Eclipse packages (RPM and deb) for Linux platforms, and standardize the process for doing so across multiple distributions of Linux.
  • Connect the Eclipse Update Mechanism with the Linux multi-user system model.
  • Work within the open source community to promote adoption of Eclipse on Linux

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