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LDT/Developer Area/Project Plan/1.3

Work Items for LDT 1.3

Below are items that the LDT team are worth being considered for the 1.3 release. This release is expected for the mid year 2015.


Milestones   End Date           Mars Targeted Milestones    Status  Details
M0           Oct, 3rd                     M3  Nov, 12th       --      Refactoring + rebranding because of project move (koneki->ldt)
M1           Jan, 30th                    M5  Feb, 04th       --      Biggest Features.
M2           Mar, 20th                    M6  Mar, 25th       --      All Features must be present in M2.
RC1          Apr, 30th                    M7  May, 06th       --      Time between M2 and RC1 should be used to do validation and bug fixes.
RC2          May, 22th                    RC2 May, 27th       --      Optional release to fix critical bugs and non intrusive bugs. 
RC3          Jun, 2nd                     RC3 Jun, 3rd        --      Fix Repo Reports problems.
RC4          Jun, 8th                     RC4 Jun, 10th       --      Fix Repo more Reports problems.
R            Jun, 24th                                        --      Final release.

SR1-RC1                                                     --      First SR1 Release.
SR1-RC2                                                     --      Optional release to fix critical bugs and non intrusive bugs.

see Mars Schedule.

Features Lists

Migration from Koneki

Ok green.gif convert to ldt project (371076 )

Ok green.gif write a tutorial to help to migrate.

Finalize Lua 5.2 support

Ok green.gif Support goto/label (401928 )

Dark theme

Ok green.gif fix dark theme problem (465035) . (

AST/User Assistance

Error.gif detect return type

Error.gif documentation validation

Better VM integration

We should try to integrate a new kind of VM List of VMs :

Error.gif LOVE2D ?

Error.gif LuaJ, JNLUA ? (,

Error.gif COCOS2D ?(

Error.gif Wireshark ? (

C/C++ integration

Error.gif Think about how we can do a C/C++ integration for lua.


Error.gif Script on save.

Error.gif Trigger lua script on selection.


Ok green.gif Create a "How to contribute" page.

Ok green.gif Help to create EE

Ok green.gif Move LDT in its own eclipse project

Ok green.gif Update release tools to be more compliant with Eclipse release train and avoid to use to more space in

Error.gif *DLTK Issues

    • Follow Dev IDE/handly project which could be interesting for LDT.
    • Take a look to LangEclipse.

Bugzilla Requests

Project Plan : The bigs features implemented.

Bugs fixed : Bugs fixed fixed.

Bugs to fix : List of bugs and little improvements we will try to close.

To understand priorities and severities meaning : development documentation

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