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LDT/User Area/Tutorials/MigrateFromKoneki


Migrating from Koneki LDT to Lua Development Tool


Koneki LDT is going to and end, but don't worry the future of Lua tooling is now happening within LDT. We strongly recommend to continue with LDT. Koneki LDT & LDT code base and workspaces are not compatible, this guide will help you to migrate your workspace.

Migrate Interpreters

You have to Add again the interpreter in the new LDT.


Migrate Execution Environments

You have to Add again the Execution Environment in the new LDT.


Migrate Projects

Right click on each project, select Configure menu and then Convert to Lua Project.


A migration wizard will open and you should select an Execution Environment.


Migrate Launch Configuration

You have to create again the Launch Configuration in the new LDT.

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