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JWT Checkpoint Telco 20081104


JWT-Version 0.5

including upload, ramping up communication

  • CQs : new developments by committers can be released without CQs
  • "how to release" good, improve :
    • create jars : in plugin.xml, export to jar files ; in feature xml as well ; update the site xml (see update-site project) TODO put on wiki faq page
    • augsburg net problem
    • remains : update-site; javadocs ; tutorial but not changed ; main page
  • Wayne Beaton PMC here to explain things, technology pmc mailing list interesting
  • checking that the jars work and have the new main feature
  • say how to install the jars on the download page
  • testing (during development) : not for simple UI for now, but tests for complex code (including UI) and algorithms (ex. transformations) ; junit as a way to execute them
  • communicate
    • wiki page on how to communicate, listing newsgroups / sites / mailing lists etc.

JWT-Version 0.6 preparations

and notably for Bull (MD: on which topic I also attended the Nova Bonita presentation event); features for v0.6 (views, aspects, etc.); open up transition number constraint vs. validation, configurable palette; current status of aspects

  • enhancements (mickael) : custom property view extension, choose jar, widgets ; put them in jwt-we-plugins : one dir of plugins and another one of sample plugins
  • aspects : generic for emf ; aspectFactory extensible, events should be
    • dialog in editor page using an extension point TODO in bugzilla
    • revert to old model, then migrate emf templates AND generated code
    • then start from the CVS HEAD to integrate aspect plugins into it
    • aspecteventmanager : keep it simple, customized event code goes rather in itemProviderAdapters
    • performances : simple cache at installed conf level, could be caches at emebedded conf level using transient ecore references
  • Results of the telco with JBoss : JWT - jBPM - Bull-Meeting in Paris
  • 0.6 features for Bull : transition number restriction in parts, abstract activity node (aspect and / or ), flexible palette : open bugzillas

JWT-Version 0.7

  • wam apis : ProcessStateService ProcessModelService
  • cvs layout page AND bugzilla
  • cvs : wam or runtime ?
  • cxf put an ipzilla and ask on stp
  • galileo : responsibility of Open Wide ; streamline releases ; make cvs releasable at any time

JWT-Version 0.8/1.0

vs. integration in Galileo

JWT and other projects

  • Update on SCOrWare (including roadmap and features : semantics on runtime bpel) and also STP-IM
  • Opportunities : JWT4OW2 (new name of JWT4SCOrWare) and information system integrations initiative
  • Update about discussion and telco with JBoss; Meeting in Paris? - OpenWide and UA in SEISMIC
  • Other potential research projects


  • ESE (talk to Ed Merks about aspects, see buckminster talk? talk to Wayne, Alain, Adrian, Stéphane)
  • Talend interested in JWT, as well as in Bonita
  • STP Meeting on the 18th at ESE
  • ICT Congress in Lyon (research)
  • OW2 Tech Days
    • start from concrete (information system integration use cases), talk about JWT and JWT4OW2
  • OW2 Conf (not that much market)
  • Shall we also aim to have a presentation (proposal) at EclipseCon 2009?

(Deadline November 24th).

    • OK, try a submission about aspects in JWT for vendors

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