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JDT UI/Java7

This page tracks the work in progress to add Java(TM) 7 support (mainly jsr334: project coin) into Eclipse JDT UI. See JDT Core/Java7 for the work in the JDT Core plug-ins.

Work areas

Dani will look at Content Assist. For other Eclipse features (Refactorings, Quick Fixes/Assists, Hovers, Source Actions, Search, etc.) see assignments below.

Java 7 features
Switch_on_Strings (Raksha) Binary_Literals (Raksha) Underscores_in_Literals (Raksha) Multi-catch (Deepak) More_Precise_Rethrow (Deepak)
Try-with-Resources (Deepak) Simplified_Varargs_Method_Invocation (Markus) Diamond (Raksha) Polymorphic_Methods (Markus) Unicode_6.0 (Dani)

   Completely implemented

Tested and works but can be improved (e.g. by adding Quick Assists or Quick Fixes)

Not done yet

Things to remember/caveats

  • The following lines should be added in all headers of modified files for the Java(TM) 7 implementation:

 * This is an implementation of an early-draft specification developed under the Java
 * Community Process (JCP) and is made available for testing and evaluation purposes
 * only. The code is not compatible with any specification of the JCP.
  • Goal of the first pass is to make Eclipse work with the new language features. For more advanced support (new quick fixes / refactorings / templates / ...), please file a bug with the [1.7] tag.
  • Bugs that went into the BETA_JAVA7 branch should be RESOLVED/FIXED with Target Milestone "---" and the [1.7] tag in front of the summary.
  • For ASTNode changes:
    • Search for references to a changed AST Node and update code that relies on the concrete structure
    • Check references to superclasses of the changed/added node type. E.g. for UnionType, code that thinks it handles all known subtypes of Type needs to be adjusted.
    • Add new node types to switch or if-else-if statements
    • Think about cases where code could use StructuralPropertyDescriptors
  • Think about cases where new bindings can show up.

How to set up the IDE

See JDT Core/Java7#What_to_do_to_set_up_the_IDE.

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