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JDT Core/Java7

This page will summarize all the work that is done to add Java(tm) 7 support (jsr334: project coin) into Eclipse. It might also be extended to other jsrs if needed. We still need to find out what changes are supposed to be done to support the jsr 292 in the compiler. This is not clear yet.

Current Status at the first glance

Java 7 features
Switch on Strings Binary Literals Underscores in Literals Multi-catch More Precise Rethrow
Try-with-Resources Simplified Varargs Method Invocation Diamond Polymorphic Methods Unicode 6.0
Update Indexing Update Code Formatter Update DOM/AST Update Search Update Error Recovery

   Completely implemented

Can be improved

What has been released so far:

  • Add new nodes inside the compiler ast to cover:
  1. Multi catch formal parameter ("catch( Ex1 | Ex2 | Ex3 e) {...").
    The new class is named: org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.ast.UnionTypeReference
  • The grammar has been updated to cover the new syntax for multi-catch, try-with-resources and diamond case.
  • A new DOM/AST node have been added for the union type. The new class is: org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.UnionType
  • The class org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.TryStatement has been updated to support the new Try-with-Resources statement.
  • Two new constants have been added for the DOM nodes. There are the constants for the node type:
  • Experimental handling of java.dyn.MethodHandle.invokeExact(..)/invoke(..) (invokeGeneric(..) is now deprecated)
  • A new constant has been added for the JLS (JLS4) level in the org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.AST class.
    This constant is needed for the new DOM/AST nodes to be created.
  • Content assist support for switch in strings, try with resources, multi-catch exceptions.

Work complete

  • Support for switch on strings
  • Support for binary literals and underscores in number literals
  • Support for Unicode 6.0 in the scanner using tables like it was done for Unicode 5
  • Support for SafeVarargs annotation
  • Support for try with resources
  • Support for the more precise rethrow analysis (this concerns only the handling of the throw statement)
  • Support for the improved type inference for generic instance creation (Diamond).

If you find bugs in these areas, please report them against JDT/Core using the tags [1.7][compiler]. Thank you.

What needs to be done:

  • Add statement recovery for the new syntax

Current status

  • The code is no longer in the BETA state. Everything has been merged in HEAD stream (Juno) and in 3_7_maintenance stream (Indigo SR1)
  • JDT UI changes are tracked in JDT UI/Java7
  • JDT Debug changes are tracked in Debug/Java7
  • API Tools changes are tracked in PDE/API_Tools/Java7

What to do to set up the IDE

Download Eclipse 3.7SR2 for out of the box support. Or, follow the steps below to get the JDT source code in an earlier build and launch a runtime workbench which will contain Java 7 features.

The tests project sets contain bundles that have not been branched. Using the :pserver:anonymous connection for those prevents you from accidentally committing something there.

  • You need to install a JDK7 build as an installed JRE in order to run the tests using the JavaSE-1.7 Execution Environment.

If you need any help with this, please contact the JDT/Core team through either the forums or Bugzilla.

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