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Eclipse Kepler (4.3) Release Review - Mylyn Intent 0.8

Alex Lagarde (

Release Review : June, 2013

Communication Channel : eclipse.intent (newsgroup) & mylyn-intent-dev (mailing list)

Process Documentation :

Project Plan :


Intent is a tool allowing developers to easily write a documentation up-to-date with any development artifact (models, code, environment...).

The documentation, integrated with other Eclipse tools, then becomes truly useful and is no longer a burden that developer have to carry to please their customers or their project manager.

Based on Donald Knuth's Literate Programming concepts and allowing collaborative work around design tasks, Intent will try to reconcile developers with Documentation.

Fore more details about Intent scope, please refer to Intent Project mission statements


As listed in the Project Plan, Intent 0.8 provides the following features :

  • Mylyn Intent : Intent generic components and authoring environment (editor, compiler, synchronizer...). Notice that it can be used in RCP mode as it is independant from core.resources
  • Mylyn Intent - Workspace support: Required to make Intent work on an Eclipse workspace (specific views, project wizards...)
  • Mylyn Intent - CDO support: Required to make Intent work on a CDO repository (specific views, project wizards...)
  • Mylyn Intent Connector: Java: allows to directly drop java files/classes/methods inside an Intent doc an synchronize them
  • Doc generators For Wikitext: A set of generators for Wikitext documents (Latex, html...)
  • Doc generators For Intent document: A set of generators allowing to export an Intent Project to several formats (HTML Bootstrap...)

Code Aspects

Committer Diversity

3 Committers from Obeo, and 2 individual committers.


Mylyn Intent 0.8 is still in incubation. When required for good reasons, we did break the previous 0.7 API (espicially because of model refactorings). We have made effort to make the API as complete as possible, but we do not forbid ourselves to make minor breaks in the API for the next year release. We may plan to graduate (move out from incubation phase) next year, and in that case we will define a stric policy in regards to API breaks.

IP Issues

The about files and use licenses are in place as per the Guidelines to Legal Documentation.

Here are the CQ still used by Intent 0.8 :

CQ Third-Party Code License Use
6301 junit Version: 4.8.1 (PB Orbit CQ3678) Common Public License 1.0 unmodified binary
6311 Guava Version: 11.0.2 (PB CQ7056) Apache License, 2.0 unmodified binary

And older CQs (for Intent 0.7)

CQ Third-Party Code License Use
5305 Google Collections Version: 1.0 (PB Orbit CQ3679) Apache License, 2.0 unmodified binary
6311 Guava Version: 10.0.1 (PB Orbit CQ6121) Apache License, 2.0 unmodified binary

All other contributions (code, documentation, images, etc) have been committed by individuals who are either Members of the Foundation, or have signed the appropriate Committer Agreement. In either case, these are individuals who have signed, and are abiding by, the Eclipse IP Policy. The other contributions of the IP log are not significant or are written 100% by employees of the same employer (Obeo) as the Submitting Committer (

The "provider" field of each plugin is set to "Eclipse Mylyn".

The "copyright" field of each plugin is set to the copyright owner.

Any third-party logos or trademarks included in the distribution (icons, logos, etc) have been licensed under the EPL.

The Intent 0.8 IP log is located at


216 unit and integration tests are launched every day. We plan to improve this number to increase stability in the next releases.

Code quality

Checkstyle activated on each distinct plug-in.

The Intent hudson builds relies on Jacoco to provide code-coverage informations automatically, and it is very easy to use Sonar to have informations about Intent code quality. Intent Sonar report is regulary refreshed by Nemo (although we still have to work on the code coverage, which is not correctly calculated).

Javadoc and comments represents more than 42% of the Intent Java source code.


Metamodel definitions and interfaces are considered APIs.


Although we plan to drastically improve Intent documentation (using Intent itself), here are the documentation available for Intent 0.8 : - an eclipse Help plugin providing a simple Getting Started Guide (under Mylyn User Guide) - a cheat sheet (automatically opened when creating an Intent project, this can be changed from preferences) allowing to easilly get started with Intent - the Intent wiki, that we try to make as complete as possible


Note: a "Closed" issue means that the issue has been validated on an official milestone. Hence there is no Intent issue that is "resolved" without being "closed", as all resolved issues have been validated on one of Intent RCs.

Bugzilla issues (all releases combined)

blocker 0 0 1 1
critical 0 0 1 1
major 0 0 5 5
normal 4 0 25 29
minor 3 0 6 9
enhancement 13 1 12 26
TOTAL 21 1 49 71

Bugzilla issues (only for Intent 0.8: issues created or resolved since Intent 0.7 release)

blocker 0 0 0 0
critical 0 0 1 1
major 0 0 2 2
normal 0 0 18 18
minor 3 0 6 9
enhancement 13 1 10 24
TOTAL 27 1 36 54

UI Usability

The UI follows the Eclipse user interface guidelines, if applicable.

End of Life

There are no specific end of life concerns for this release.

Non-Code Aspects

Basically, any relevant informations (new blog bost, getting started guides...) is listed in the useful links wiki page


Talks have been given on the following events:

Other medium

Committer Changes



Intent 0.8 Release Plan

  • RC1 Wenesday, May 22
  • RC2 Wenesday, May 28
  • RC3 Wenesday, June 05
  • RC4 Wenesday, June 12
  • Final Wenesday, June 12

Project Plan

Intent 0.8 project plan is available at

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