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Most general Q & A type activities within the Hudson community take place on the Hudson Forum itself. This is available:

Mailing Lists

Currently the Hudson project maintains two mailing lists, primarily for the committers and contributors on the project. These are:

  • Hudson-dev - The core developers (for committers, contributors and pretty much anyone that is interested in the mechanics of Hudson)
  • Hudson-commits - a distribution list that is used to notify interested parties in commits to the Hudson GIT repositories.Note that commits to the website source control do not appear on this list

For the Hudson Plugins we also maintain some mailing lists on These may be of interest if you are involved in plug-in development but generaly we recommend that you use the Eclipse Forums and Dev list for most matters:

IRC Channel

The Hudson team hang out on the #eclipse-hudson IRC channel at, so you can pop on and have a chat!. More information about how to set up and connect to this channel is available here:

Community Meetings

We hold open-to-all community meetings on a bi-weekly basis. Head over to Community Meetings page for more information.

Searching for and Reporting Bugs

Hudson Core uses the the Eclipse Bugzilla to manage issues and bugs.

  • To search Bugzilla for Hudson issues -> Follow this Link for the general interface to Bugzilla. Specify "Hudson" as the Product.
  • To log a new bug against Hudson -> Follow this link

Issues against Hudson Plugins which are maintained outside of Eclipse should be logged into the relevant GITHub projects

Note that some older issues in Bugzilla which were ported over from may contain a drilldown link to further information contained in the old issues repository. This repository is no longer used for new issues.

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