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Hudson-bust.png The #eclipse-hudson IRC channel

The Hudson IRC Channel

Hudson has an IRC channel #eclipse-hudson on For detailed information about connecting to Freenode, not covered below, see freenode website.

Connecting Via a Web Interface

The simplest and zero setup way of connecting to the IRC channel is using the following Web Interface: Using this method you can connect without registering a permanent nickname

Setting up a FreeNode NickName

If you want to hang out in the chat room a lot and always be identifiable it's a great idea to register your own special nickname or identity for FreeNode. This is really simple to do, just follow these steps.

  1. Decide on the identity or nickname that you want to register. In this example we'll use *PogoStick*.
  2. Connect to the FreeNode web interface using the NickName you've chosen. You won't be able to check the Auth to Services checkbox yet so leave that and just use the Captcha as usual.
  3. Check if this nickname is already in use by typing the following command into the command field at the bottom of the browser screen: /msg nickserv info PogoStick This will tell you if this nickname is already in use by someone. If someone else is using it, try another one
  4. Assuming that the nickname is not in use then send the following message to grab it: /msg nickserv register <somepassword> <youremail> (replace the <somepassword> and <youremail> appropriately). NickServ will reply much like this:
/msg nickserv register supersecretpassword
*NickServ* An email containing nickname activation instructions has been sent to
*NickServ* If you do not complete registration within one day, your nickname will expire.
*NickServ* PogoStick is now registered to, with the password supersecretpassword.

Freenode will send you a mail containing a message that you will need to send to nickserv in the same way to complete the registration, for example:

/msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER PogoStick nlufwjzjxmgk
*NickServ* PogoStick has now been verified.
*NickServ* Thank you for verifying your e-mail address! You have taken steps in ensuring that your registrations are not exploited.

Now that your NickName is registered you can check the Auth to Services box in the web login and enter your NickName and password, or of course you can set up a chat client (see below). Note that the email that you supplied is (by default) hidden from view.

Setting up Chat Clients

The following instructions assume that you have already created a Freenode nickname (see above)


Creating the account

  1. In Pidgin open the account dialog (Accounts / Manage Accounts) and click Add. The Add Account dialog will appear
  2. In the initially displayed tab (Basic), set the protocol to IRC
  3. Set the UserName to your registered FreeNode nickname (e.g. PogoStick)
  4. Set the Server to ''t
  5. Set the Password to your nickname password as defined earlier
  6. Now flip to the Advanced tab and set the UserName to your FreeNode nickname as well. You should be able to leave the defaults for Port etc.
  7. Finally if you use a Web Proxy then fill in that information

Joining the ChatRoom

  1. From the Pidgin, press Ctrl+C or choose Join a Chat from the menus
  2. From the account pull-down list make sure you select the relevant FreeNode user (e.g. PogoStick)
  3. Enter #eclipse-hudson as the channel name.

You are now in the room and ready to chat!

(The above instructions have been tested on Pidgin 2.6.5)

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