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Hudson-ci/community meetings/April082015

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 08-April-2015


  • Hudson 3.3 status
  • Java EE 7 certification
  • Java 7 migration

Any other topics that come from the community


Stuart, Geoff, Latha, Bob, Greg


QA Status

Hudson 3.3 - Upgraded internal Jetty container seems fine. Isn't using any additional resources but still need to regression test and run through additional testing.

Dev Status

Bob - Tomcat memory leak work. Fixed some issues with undeploy from Tomcat where Hudson leaves some things around in memory. Still not completely resolved.

Winston -

  • Integrate Disk usage in to the core (WIP)
  • Tomcat redeploy memory leak (WIP)
  • Moving Hudson base to JDK 7 (Complete, QA test pending)
  • Support Hudson in Java EE 7 containers (Partially completed)
  • Moved bundled container to Jetty 9 (QA test on going)
  • Support Open JDK 7/8 by upgrading XStream to v. 1.4.7


New CQs for new libraries in Hudson 3.3. Will start process for new libs. Infrastructure update - firewall issues still persist so we are still having trouble reaching maven central from our Hudson servers.


filed 6 bugs as Hudson 3.3 candidates. Bob will evaluate and talk about them in detail next public meeting.

JavaOne brainstorming

Reviewed Stuart's case study - as possible abstract topic for Hudson use.

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