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Henshin/Multi-View Editor

The Henshin Multi-View Editor (development discontinued in 2015) was an alternative to the integrated Henshin Graphical Editor. It is based on the Muvitor framework and maintained at TU Berlin and Uni Luxembourg.

Main differences

  • Multi-view: the editor provides a tree-view of the transformation system and graphical views for rules and graphs
  • Visual simulation: you can create a graph and apply your rules in the GUI
  • Rule view with separate LHS and RHS instead of an integrated view


Multi-View Editor is is available at github. The repository contains the Henshin base plugins as well, which are extended to fit to the HenshinTGG editor (a third kind of Henshin editor).

To try the Muvitor-based Henshin-Editor, it is suggested that you use the plug-ins from the github repository. Currently no update site is provided, so you need to do the following to use the editor:

  1. Import the plug-ins from the github repository into your main workspace
  2. Run > Run as > Eclipse application

Further Information

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