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Migration Guide for Eclipse Handly 1.2

Changes that may need to be accommodated by current adopters as part of migrating to Eclipse Handly 1.2 from the previous release (1.1). Note that these changes do not break the Core API. Only the provisional UI API (which is now at the 0.11 version) is affected. It is expected that these changes will not affect the majority of existing clients.


  • New API:
    • HistoryDropDownAction. Shows a history list in a drop-down


  • CallHierarchy (546254)
    • CallHierarchy(CallHierarchyKind, ICallHierarchyNode[], String)CallHierarchy(CallHierarchyKind, ICallHierarchyNode[])
    • getLabel() has been removed without replacement
  • CallHierarchyViewPart
    • createFocusOnSelectionAction() has been removed without replacement (546043)
    • createHierarchy() has been effectively replaced with new abstract method createHierarchyRoots(Object[]) (546254)
    • fillHierarchyViewerMenu(IMenuManager) has changed the default implementation
    • protected class FocusOnSelectionActionprivate class FocusOnSelectionAction (546043)
    • FocusOnSelectionAction getFocusOnSelectionAction()IAction getFocusOnSelectionAction() (546043)
    • getHierarchyComparator(ICallHierarchy)getHierarchyComparator() (546254)
    • getInputElements() must now not return null
    • refresh() is now a final method (546254)
    • setHierarchy(ICallHierarchy) has been effectively replaced with new API method doRefresh(IContext) (546254)
    • New abstract methods:
      • protected abstract String computeContentDescription(). Computes the content description for this view (546254)
      • protected abstract ICallHierarchyNode[] createHierarchyRoots(Object[]). Creates and returns the root nodes for a call hierarchy based on the given input elements and the current hierarchy kind (546254)
      • protected abstract HistoryEntry createHistoryEntry(Object[]). Creates and returns a history entry for the given input elements (544858)
      • protected abstract CallHierarchyViewManager getViewManager(). Returns a CallHierarchyViewManager for this view (545814)
      • protected abstract boolean isPossibleInputElement(Object). Returns whether the given element is a possible input element for this view (546042)
    • New API methods:
      • protected void addHistoryDropDownAction(IAction). Contributes the 'show history list' action to this view
      • protected void addPinAction(IAction). Contributes the 'pin' action to this view
      • protected void addSetOrientationAction(IAction, int). Contributes a 'set orientation' action to this view
      • public final boolean arePossibleInputElements(Object[]). Returns whether the given elements are possible input elements for this view
      • protected HistoryDropDownAction<HistoryEntry> createHistoryDropDownAction(HistoryDropDownAction.History<HistoryEntry>). Creates and returns a 'show history list' action for this view
      • protected void doRefresh(IContext). Refreshes the content of this view according to options specified in the given context
      • protected ICallHierarchyNode[] getHierarchyRoots(). Returns the root nodes for the current call hierarchy
      • protected List<HistoryEntry> getHistory(). Returns the history used by this view; the history is represented by a "live" list of history entries
      • protected final IAction getRefreshElementAction(). Returns the 'refresh element' action used by this view
      • protected final IAction getRemoveFromViewAction(). Returns the 'remove from view' action used by this view
      • protected void handleCannotRevealCallLocation(IEditorPart, ICallLocation, IContext). Handles the case when a call location cannot be revealed in the editor
      • protected void historyUpdated(). A callback that is invoked when the history has been updated
      • public final boolean isPinned(). Returns whether this view is pinned
      • protected void notifyHistoryUpdated(). Notifies that the history has been updated by this view
      • protected final void refresh(IContext). Performs a refresh of the content of this view according to options specified in the given context
      • protected void revealCallLocation(IEditorPart, ICallLocation, IContext). Attempts to reveal the given call location in the given editor
      • public void setOrientation(int). Sets the orientation of this view
      • public void setPinned(boolean). Marks this view as pinned
      • protected void updateStatusLine(IStatusLineManager, IStructuredSelection). Updates the status line based on the given selection in this view
    • New API class:
      • protected abstract static class HistoryEntry. Represents an entry of the call hierarchy view history list
  • CallLocation
    • New API method:
      • public CallLocation(Object, Object, CallTextInfo), an additional constructor
  • ICallHierarchy
    • getLabel() has been removed without replacement (546254)
  • ICallHierarchyNode
    • New API method:
      • default void refresh(). Informs this node that it is about to be refreshed in a structured viewer (545855)
  • ICallLocation
    • New API method:
      • default CallTextInfo getCallTextInfo(). Returns the call text info for this call location
  • New API:
    • CallHierarchyViewManager, a manager for instances of CallHierarchyViewPart
    • CallHierarchyViewOpener, a helper class for opening a call hierarchy view
    • CallTextInfo. Holds information about the text of a call, including the text range

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