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Migration Guide for Eclipse Handly 1.1

Changes that may need to be accommodated by current adopters as part of migrating to Eclipse Handly 1.1 from the previous release (1.0). Note that these changes do not break the Core API. Only the provisional UI API (which is now at the 0.10 version) is affected. It is expected that these changes will not affect the majority of existing clients.

  • ISourceFileImplSupport.NotifyingReconcileOperation
    • New API method:
      • protected boolean shouldNotifyChange(IContext) (541209)


  • EditorUtility (540535)
    • public static final EditorUtility DEFAULTpublic static final EditorUtility DefaultEditorUtility.INSTANCE (new API)
    • public EditorUtility()protected EditorUtility()
    • New API method:
      • public void revealTextRange(IEditorPart, int, int, ISnapshot). Reveals the given text range in the given editor on a best effort basis
  • New API:
    • DefaultEditorUtility (540535), a subclass of EditorUtility
    • EditorOpener, a helper class for opening a model element in an editor. Uses a given EditorUtility


  • OpenAction has been moved to org.eclipse.handly.ui.action (new package) (540885)
    • Protected fields page : IWorkbenchPage and editorUtility : EditorUtility have been removed without replacement.
    • New API methods:
      • public OpenAction(EditorOpener), an additional constructor
      • protected IStatusAcceptor newStatusAcceptor(). If an error occurs while opening the editor, it is reported to the status acceptor returned by this method
  • OpenActionProvider
    • Protected method getEditorUtility() : EditorUtility has been removed. Clients that have overridden this method should now override createOpenAction
    • New API method:
      • protected BaseSelectionListenerAction createOpenAction()


  • CommonOutlinePage no longer provides a default implementation for the getLinkWithEditorPreference() and getLexicalSortPreference() methods (539381).
  • FilteringOutlinePopup.IMatcher has been removed. Clients should now use java.util.function.Predicate instead (539382).


  • New API:
    • ColumnDescription. Combines a ColumnLayoutDatya with a header for a table column
    • DeferredTreeContentProvider, an abstract base class for a tree content provider that supports asynchronous fetching of children
    • DelegatingSelectionProvider, an implementation of IPostSelectionProvider that delegates to another selection provider, which can be replaced dynamically
    • ViewerFocusTracker. Tracks focus of the given viewers


  • AbstractContainmentAdapter (539383)
    • protected boolean check(IElement, IElement)protected boolean isAncestorOf(IElement, IElement)
    • protected boolean check(IResource, IResource)protected boolean isAncestorOf(IResource, IResource)
  • AbstractWorkingSetUpdater.WorkingSetDelta (539386)
    • public WorkingSetDelta(IWorkingSet)/*package-private*/ WorkingSetDelta(IWorkingSet)
    • public void process()/*package-private*/ void apply()


  • New API:
    • IStatusAcceptor. Accepts IStatus objects
    • SerialPerObjectRule, a scheduling rule that serializes on a given lock object


  • HandlyXtextDocument
    • public boolean reconcile(Processor)/*package-private*/ boolean reconcile(Processor) (539387)

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