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Interested in contributing to Gyrex? That's great!

Development Process

Gyrex follows the Eclipse Development Process. We are an incubating project on its way to a 1.0 release. We don't participate in the annual release train.

Gyrex development is actively driven by its committers. Our primary goal is not to create and a release a commercial product. Instead we use Gyrex as foundation (server infrastructure, framework) in our daily development activities to create and support solutions for our clients.

Getting the Source

Our primary development environment is Eclipse. We encourage you to use it when working on patches/contributions. Please read our article about preparing your workspace for developing Gyrex. It outlines the steps necessary for getting ready to hack on the sources.

Developer Mailing List

You may also subscribe to our mailing list. It's our preferred channel to get in touch with the committers and for discussing the development of Gyrex.

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