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Gyrex/Preparing Your Workspace For Developing Gyrex

Here's how to set up your workspace for developing Gyrex.

Setup Eclipse

Download and install any Eclipse distribution suitable for developing Eclipse plug-ins. We recommend trying the latest Eclipse milestone for access to the latest features in JDT and PDE.

Required Plug-ins

  • Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment
  • Eclipse CVS Client
  • Eclipse Git Client

Required JDK

  • Download and install your preferred Java 6 JDK
  • Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs -> Add... -> Standard VM -> Next
  • Set JRE home to the Java 6 JDK folder -> Finish
  • Activate check-box to set Java 6 JDK as the default JDK in Eclipse

Import Projects

Please use the "Import Existing Projects" wizard to import all Gyrex projects from any cloned Git repository. We also provide a collection of Working Sets for your convenience. Working Sets can be imported using the AnyEdit Tools plug-in available via Eclipse Marketplace. You can find the Working Sets file in the RelEng project (org.eclipse.gyrex.releng/devsupport/eclipse).

Setup Target Platform

We maintain a shared target platform. It's located in the "org.eclipse.gyrex.releng" project in the target folder.

  • Locate org.eclipse.gyrex.releng/target
  • Open file in Target Definition editor
  • Wait till the target platform is resolved
  • Click on link "Set as Target Platform" (located in the upper right corner of the Target Definition editor)

Import Code Settings

Optimize Project Browsing

  • Switch to the Java perspective
  • Open the Package Explorer view menu (little triangle icon in the upper right corner) and select "Top Level Elements -> Working Sets"
  • Select all working sets ("Select All")
  • We recommend sorting the working sets (check "Sort working sets")
  • We also recommend hierarchical package browsing (open the Package Explorer view menu and this time select "Package Presentation -> Hierarchical")

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