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This page provides the required docuware for the GMF Runtime 1.4.0 Release Review, as part of the upcoming Helios Simultaneous Release.


The GMF Runtime is an industry proven application framework for creating graphical editors using EMF and GEF.

The GMF Runtime provides many features that one would have to code by hand if using EMF and GMF directly.

  • A set of reusable components for graphical editors, such as printing, image export, actions and toolbars and much more.
  • A standardized model to describe diagram elements, which separates between the semantic (domain) and notation (diagram) elements.
  • A command infrastructure that bridges the different command frameworks used by EMF and GEF.
  • An extensible framework that allows graphical editors to be open and extendible.


New in this release

One significant event with the Helios release was that the GMF project was restructured under the new Graphical Modeling Project (GMP). GMP includes GMF Runtime, as well as GMF Notation, GMF Tooling and Graphiti.

GMF Runtime is undergoing it's participation in the Eclipse Simultaneous release as it has for each and every release. This is the fifth yearly June release of GMF Runtime.

Accordance with project plan themes and priorities

Completed features as part of the Helios release can be found at;resolution=FIXED;classification=Modeling;query_format=advanced;component=Releng;component=Runtime;target_milestone=2.3%20M1;target_milestone=2.3%20M2;target_milestone=2.3%20M3;target_milestone=2.3%20M4;target_milestone=2.3%20M5;target_milestone=2.3%20M6;target_milestone=2.3%20M7;target_milestone=2.3%20RC;product=GMF

See the GMF Runtime project plan at

Non-Code Aspects


APIs have not changed this release.

  • The project lead certifies that the requirements for Eclipse Quality APIs have been met for this release.
  • Metamodel definitions and corresponding implementations are considered APIs.
  • API Tooling has been employed.


  • No change.

Tool Usability

  • Tools haven't changed.


Nothing has been deprecated.


Bugzilla snapshot for Helios as of May 28, 2010.



Not applicable.

UI Usability

Nothing has changed.


GMF Runtime is a “+3” component in the simultaneous release.

M1	08/17/2009	
M2	09/28/2009	
M3	11/09/2009	
M4	12/14/2009	
M5	02/01/2010	
M6	03/15/2010	API freeze
M7	05/03/2010	Feature Freeze
RC1	05/17/2010	
RC2	05/24/2010	
RC3	05/31/2010	
RC4	06/07/2010	
RC5	06/14/2010	
Helios	06/23/2010	


  • Interaction in Bugzilla
  • Activity on the GMF newsgroup
  • Collaboration with other projects at Eclipse
  • Attendance at EclipseCon 2010

Commiter Changes

Anthony Hunter, Lidija Grahek, Alex Boyko, Mariot Chauvin, Linda Damus and James Bruck continue to be the committers on GMF Runtime.

IP Issues

The GMF Runtime component leadership verifies that:

  • the about files and use licenses are in place as per the Guidelines to Legal Documentation.
  • all contributions (code, documentation, images, etc) have been committed by individuals who are either Members of the Foundation, or have signed the appropriate Committer Agreement. In either case, these are individuals who have signed, and are abiding by, the Eclipse IP Policy.
  • all significant contributions have been reviewed by the Foundation's legal staff.
  • all non-Committer code contributions, including third-party libraries, have been documented in the release and reviewed by the Foundation's legal staff.
  • all Contribution Questionnaires have been completed.
  • the "provider" field of each plug-in is set to "Eclipse Modeling Project“.
  • the "copyright" field of each feature is set to the copyright owner (the Eclipse Foundation is rarely the copyright owner).
  • any third-party logos or trademarks included in the distribution (icons, help file logos, etc) have been licensed under the EPL.
  • any fonts or similar third-party images included in the distribution (e.g. in PDF or EPS files) have been licensed under the EPL.

The GMF Runtime Project IP log in located at

Project Plan

The current project plan is available from

Draft development plan for next release is not yet available.

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