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Equinox Summit 2007 Agenda

This is the agenda for the Equinox Summit 2007. It follows loosely after the format of the Ganymede Provisioning Workshop. The Results and Minutes page has links to the presentations and the breakout results.

Day One

8:00am - Continental Breakfast in Salon Lisgar in the hotel

9:00am - Introduction to the summit Jeff McAffer (15 min)

9:15am - Introductions Every attendee will be asked to give a quick (~1 minute) introduction: your name, past eclipse involvement, current area of interest, what you hope to attain from the summit.

9:45am - Lightning talks To give us some fodder for discussion, we'll kick things off with some short talks on interesting areas where work is currently going on in Equinox:

  • Pascal Rapicault - p2 A quick design overview of the Equinox provisioning effort, the current state, and the road ahead.
  • Tom Watson - Security incubator Current status and future plan. Focus will be on dynamic management of Java security providers, trust roots, user authentication and on runtime code authorization.
  • Darin/Chris/Olivier/Andrew - Tooling (PDE) An overview of the work going on in the land of Equinox-related tooling (e.g., bundle tooling, p2 tooling, API tooling, build ...) over the next year.

10:30am - Coffee break

10:45am - Lightning talks continued

  • Tim Webb - Maya Overview of how Maya is planning to leverage the Equinox provisioning incubator work. Topics include how the director component will be used server side and the use of shared install services to provide the desired end-user experience.
  • Simon Kaegi - Server-side A look at the main components of the server-side work at Equinox, where we are and what's planned.
  • Frank Appel - Rich Ajax Platform
  • Adrian Coyler - OSGi Enterprise Expert Group activities

11:30am - Topic brainstorm and first cut prioritization. We will use some variation of "cast each of five votes on most important topics". Although topics will probably not be surprising, attendees will begin choosing how to apply their efforts the remainder of the day.

12:00 noon - Buffet lunch and email break (60 min)

1:00pm - Post-lunch topic brainstorming/voting and breakout organization

1:15pm - First breakout meeting (60 min) (results)

2:15pm - Break, email and wiki writing break (15 min)

2:45pm - First summary reports and discussion (45 min)

3:30pm - Coffee break, email and wiki writing break (15 min)

3:45pm - Demo of embedded equinox, next discussion topic voting

4:00pm - Second breakout meeting (60 min) (results)

5:00pm - Second summary reports and discussion (30 min)

At this point we will break before assembling for dinner.


The Eclipse Foundation is hosting a social event in conjunction with the Equinox and CDT Summits. We'll be going to Mclaren's for pizza and beer. We'll be walking over there around 5:45pm.

Day Two

8:00am - Continental Breakfast

8:30am - Call to Order - Reconvene, overnight reflection. Re-shuffling of breakout meeting topics if necessary (30 min)

9:00am - Third breakout meeting (60 min) (results)

10:00am - Coffee break, email and wiki writing break (15 min)

10:15am - Third summary reports and discussion (30 min)

10:45am - Fourth breakout meeting (60 min) (results)

12:00pm - Lunch and email break (45 min)

12:45pm - Fourth summary reports and discussion (30 min)

1:15pm - Remote management discussion (60 min) (results)

2:15pm - Break, email and wiki writing break (15 min)

2:30pm - Dynamic programming planning (60 min)

3:30pm - p2 planning (60 min)

4:30pm - At this point the formal summit will be over.

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