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Equinox Minutes - 20070918

September 18, 2007

Equinox Summit

  • talked about the working agenda
  • presentations in first morning to summarize work going on
    • p2 - Pascal
    • security - Oleg/Tom
    • framework - Tom/BJ
    • server side - Simon?
    • tooling - ?
  • are there people in the community that have major work areas that we don't know about yet? is this a good place for them to bring them forward?
  • what people from the community would like to give a lightning talk?
  • the lightning talks should be focused on work that you will be contributing Equinox and future areas of development, how the work will benefit Equinox
  • Tom and John will write a message to the mailing list to call for people who want to give a lightning talk
  • used provisioning workshop agenda as a template and will modify
  • summit agenda


  • M2 is Friday
  • SDK is good
  • ongoing work in p2

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