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From creation to deployment

  1. File > New > Project
    Efxclipse tut1 1.png
  2. Select the "JavaFX Project" entry
    Efxclipse tut1 2.png
  3. Enter a project name and click "Finish".
    Efxclipse tut1 3.png
  4. Create a Java package in your new project.
    Efxclipse tut1 4.png
  5. Open the context menu on your package and select New > Other ...
    Efxclipse tut1 5.png
  6. Select "JavaFX Main Class".
    Efxclipse tut1 6.png
  7. Enter a class name and click "Finish".
    Efxclipse tut1 7.png
  8. Add some JavaFX code to the start method of your application.
    Efxclipse tut1 8.png
  9. Set the selection on your application class and hit the "Run" toolbar item.
    Efxclipse tut1 9.png
  10. Open the build.fxbuild file and fill in the following fields:
    • Vendor name
    • Application version

    Then, select the "Browse..." button next to the "Application class" entry.
    Efxclipse tut1 10.png

  11. Click on the "ant build.xml and run" link in the build section of the editor.
    Efxclipse tut1 11.png
  12. Expand the folders in the "Package Explorer" and double click your jar file.
    Efxclipse tut1 12.png

From creation to deployment v4.5.0 (Mars)

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