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Eclipse Day China 2014

Chinese 中文

Eclipse China Site

Beijing 北京 & ShenZhen 深圳, November 7th 2014

This event was moved to Eclipse Day China 2015

On November 7th the will be Eclipse DemoCamp in Beijing

Introduction 介绍

China is indisputably the number one of Eclipse downloads in the world, but it is mainly used only as an IDE. The main purpose of this event is to promote the power of Eclipse as a software platform and applications to help enterprises understand Eclipse, improving the speed and quality of software development, shorten time to market and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving productivity.

Precisely, this event will mainly deal with the following tropics:

  • Software engineering in MDA
  • Extensible Application platform
  • Benefice on the Embedded System
  • Eclipse plugin development

The audience of this event are mainly CTO, Architect and managers.



* 在MDA软件工程

* 可扩展应用程序平台

* 在嵌入式系统上应用

* Eclipse的插件开发


Location 地点

Beijing: TBD

ShenZhen: The Office of Software Park in NanShan district

Beijing is the main session, ShenZhen is a remote session. Two sessions are connected by remote video meeting. A face-to-face meeting with the Speakers can be organised in ShenZhen November 10th per request.

Date and Time 时间

Organizers 组织者

- ShenZhen Software Park深圳软件园 Shenzhne-logo1-600.jpg

- Paul Verest Paul Verest +86 187 01029146, QQ 908781544 Software Architect at Funshion风行在线 Funshion-logo-294.PNG

- Soyatec 松亚科技, Eclipse Foundation Member and IWG Member (Polarsys and LTS - longtime Support) Soyatec300.png

- 白小勇, Bai Xiaoyong, 用友码农 Yonyou coder, focusing on PaaS Hybrid Cloud, Data Security in Cloud. 5688015.png

Sponsors 赞助

There are three categories of Sponsors

  • Gold 金- 5000 euros
    • One talk session of 30 minutes. It will be first in, first served. The Gold Sponsor has the highest priority in the talk selection.
    • Booth
  • Silver 银- 2000 euros
    • 5 Minutes flash presentation in the Silver Sponsor Talk.
    • The Silver sponsor can be accepted under the condition if the talks aren't taken by Gold Sponsor. Therefore, the acceptence Sponsor will be made two weeks before the event.
    • Booth
  • Bronze 铜 - Logistic and media sponsors
    • ShenZhen Software Park深圳软件园
    • ThoughtWorks, Global leading customized enterprise software design and delivery company. TW-lg-small.jpg

Please contact 请联系

Agenda 日程

8:30 Reception 接待

9:00 Introduction by Organizers and Eclipse Foundation 介绍

9:30 Talk1 - Soyatec Gold Sponsor talk

10:00 Talk2

10:30 Break 休息

10:45 Talk3

11:15 Talk4

11:45 Talk5

12:15 Lunch 自助快餐

13:30 Talk 6

14:00 Talk 7

14:30 Talk 8

15:00 Break

15:15 Talk 9

15:45 Talk 10

16:15 Talk 11

16:45 Break

17:00 Talk 12

17:30 Talk 13

Two days of visit in Beijing for the invited speakers from abroad:

  • Great Wall
  • Forbidden City
  • Temple of Heaven
  • Summer Palace

Program Committee 程序委员会

  • Yves YANG
  • Paul Verest

The criteria of the talk selection are following:

  • Eclipse IWG
  • Eclipse Modeling
  • Eclipse RCP
  • Eclipse Tool

Please propose your talk to

Attending 参加

Register and see attendees list at

News 新闻

For Bloggers and Users of Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Weibo, Weixin etc.

In case you plan to blog or tweet about the Eclipse Day China, please use the tag #eclipsechina in order to make it easier to find all the comments and pictures. Thanks a lot for telling the world about the event! | 请用#eclipsechina#标签微博一下。

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