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EclipseCon 2009 Program Committee

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The Program Committee

Like EclipseCon 2008, we are structuring the program into technical categories, with one or more representatives for each category. This structure allows each representative to focus on recruiting the best possible talks for their category. This also insures that each category will have dedicated and qualified people reviewing the submissions for their talks.

Category Reps Responsibility

The reps for EclipseCon 2009 have agreed to a time commitment to complete the following tasks. The commitment includes:

  • Brainstorming conference improvements.
  • Actively recruiting topics and speakers early.
  • Reviewing submissions on a weekly basis.
  • Actively participating in the Program Committee email list.
  • Attending a monthly program committee call.
  • Assisting in scheduling talks by specifying an ordering to the talks in your track.
  • Meeting the program deadlines that the Program Committee collectively lays out.
  • Contribute to the EclipseCon blog to promote the conference.

2009 Program Committee Representatives

Domain Category Representatives
Supporting Technology OSGi DevCon Peter Kriens
Linux DevCon Ted Ts'o / Andrew Overholt
Eclipse Platform Runtime Jeff McAffer
UI Boris Bokowski / Chris Aniszczyk
E4 Kevin McGuire
Eclipse for IDE and Languages Java Darin Wright
C/C++ Doug Schafer
Tools Doug Schafer / Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Web Tools David Williams
Eclipse Frameworks Data Tooling Brian Fitzpatrick
Mobile and Embedded Doug Gaff / Eric Cloninger
Modeling Ed Merks / Richard Gronback
Reporting Jason Weathersby
SOA Oisin Hurley
Test and Performance Eugene Chan
Eclipse Ecosystem Emerging Technology Wayne Beaton / Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Committer and Contributor Darin Swanson
Business and Industry Donald Smith
Other Chris Aniszczyk

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