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EMF Compare/Specifications/ResourceLocationChange


With EMF Compare 3.0.x, when the compared resources don't have the same name or location, no difference is detected.

With EMF Compare 3.1.x, this kind of changes will be detected:

  • A new type of difference will be created in the compare metamodel
  • This type of difference will be named ResourceLocationChange
  • The comparison editor will display ResourceLocationChanges
  • The comparison editor will allow to merge ResourceLocationChanges.

EMF Compare 3.1.x will not allow to edit the resources names inside the comparison editor.


  • A new concept named ResourceLocationChange will be added to the compare.ecore metamodel
  • ResourceLocationChange will inherit from Diff.
  • A new method declaration void resourceLocationChange(MatchResource matchResource, DifferenceKind kind, DifferenceSource source) will be added to the interface /


The ResourceLocationChanges will be display in the comparison editor like below:

EMFCompare ResourceNameChange Preview 1.png

  • The ResourceLocationChanges will be displayed under MatchResources items (like ResourceAttachmentChanges).


The merge actions will be available on ResourceLocationChanges.

The merge actions will renamed the resources on the file system.

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