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EMF Compare/Specifications/ModelResolvingConfiguration

Evolution Specification: Logical model configuration

Current status is DRAFT


Summary: Provide a way for the user to choose how model are resolved.


For the moment EMF Compare provides two resolving strategies (LogicalModel):

  • Resolve descendant:
    • This strategy will resolve all eProxy in the current selected resource. This way all resources the current depend on will be loaded (resources that are pointed by the current resource).
  • Resolve in project:
    • This strategy will look into the holding project to create a dependency graph between resources. Using this, all resources that depend or are depended on by the current will be loaded (resource that are pointed at by the current resource U(Union) resources that point to the current resource).

Detailed Specification

  • The user should be able to choose to force a resolving strategy between.
    • The system will try to use this strategy before any others. If this strategy do not work then the system will use the normal ranking mechanism to determine which resolver should be used..
  • The user should be able to disable model resolving
    • This means that only the current resource is loaded and nothing else.
    • To be validated Potential extension:
      • Handle disabled resolving mode could be handle as another default resolving strategy.

Preference Logical Model




  • Resolve descendants
    • Description: Resolve all resources pointed by the current resource.
  • Resolve in project
    • Description: Resolve resources pointed by the current resource and all resources pointing to the current resource inside its containing project.

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