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EMF Compare/Specifications/ItemProviderPreferences

Evolution Specification: Title of the evolution

Current status is DRAFT


Summary: EMF Compare Item provider preferences.


Specification for preferences of item provider contributed to EMF Compare. EMF compare provides a extension point that allow external plugins to register their own item provider. EMF Compare should now provide a way to disable those item providers through a preference page.

Detailed Specification

  • REQ_010: Extensions should be able to provide an optional label for their item provider.
  • REQ_020: Extensions should be able to provide an optional description for their item provider.
  • REQ_030: Extension should be able to specify if an item provider is deactivable or not (by default an item provider is not deactivable).
  • REQ_040: All item provider should appears in the preference page. The non deactivable providers should appears in grey. The deactivable providers should appears in black.
  • REQ_50: EMF Compare should only use the item providers that are enabled at the beginning of the comparison (no update of the UI if the preferences are changed).



Solution 1

Impossible see bug and SpecPreferencePageItemProvider.png

Solution 2


Solution 3


Solution 4

Same solution than solution 1 but we do not display mandatory item providers

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