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EMF Compare/Specifications/FiltersConfiguration

Evolution Specification: Filters Configuration

Current status is DRAFT


Summary: Provide a way for user to enable/disable filters.


Each time EMF Compare UI is launched, the same filters are activated. It would be nice if the user could disable/enable filters.

Detailed Specification

Preference default filter

  • The user should be able to enable/disable filters from preferences. When the comparison is launched those preferences should override default state register from extension point.

Default filters label:

  • Label: Empty resource mapping filter
    • Description: Filter out all resource mappings with no differences from the view.
  • Label: Pseudo conflicts filter
    • Description: Filter out all pseudo conflicts differences (only in case of a 3-way comparison).
  • Label: Identical Elements.
    • Description: Filter out all identical elements (elements with no differences).
  • Label: Cascading differences
    • Description: Filter out all differences that are contained under differences (except when in conflict).


Dynamic setting of default filter

  • When a user select/unselect a filter in EMF Compare UI.
    • The user should be able to synchronize its selection with the preferences.
    • The user should be able to automatically choose to synchronize or not all future filter selections.

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