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EMF Compare/New and Noteworthy/3.3.0

New or Improved Features

Here is a list of all the new or improved features:

  • [493921] User can deactivate filters - deactivated filters will not appear in the comparison UI and will have no effect;
  • [479449] Introduce MultiplicityElementChange - a new kind of Diff for UML models;
  • A preference has been added to allow users to state whether or not their models should be pre-merged in case of conflict during a model merge;
  • [495259] Automatic UML profile migration when comparing Papyrus models;
  • [497066] Don't show problems tab if only warnings;
  • [495753] Improve layout and homogeneity of EMF Compare preference pages;
  • A git merge strategy has been added to support Additive Merge - Such a merge will not consider deletions and thus automatically resolve all the conflicts related to deletions (and all the related changes and their consequences) by rejecting the deletions;
  • Modification of the display of comparison in the comparison editor.

Technical Changes

Here is a list of all the technical changes that you need to be aware of if you use EMFCompare's API or are interested in EMFCompare development.

- [495334] New Test Framework based on annotations - makes it far more simple to write test cases that run with several distinct configurations; - Development now uses Mars or above release, and the whole code has been re-formatted; - The deletion of a container is no longer considered to directly conflict with all the changes on the opposite side that are located underneath the deleted object; - New validation test scenarios that can be replayed manually have been thoroughly described.


The following developers and contributors (in alphabetical order) worked on this release:

  • Alexandra Buzila
  • Cédric Brun
  • Mathieu Cartaud
  • Laurent Delaigue
  • Simon Delisle
  • Stefan Dirix
  • Martin Fleck
  • Laurent Goubet
  • Philip Langer
  • Andreas Mayer
  • Tanja Mayerhofer
  • Edgar Mueller
  • Axel Richard

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