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Portfolio Name

Enhanced EMF Generation

Objective and scope

The EMF Generation is essential for modeling projects. This portfolio proposes to enhance the EMF generation with complementary features presented in the Rationale part.

Keywords: Generation customization, Generation Chain, Team Workin, Generation Integration


For the rationale, please refer to:



Download this tutorial for in introduction of a pattern-based EMF Generation.

Import the examples available with EGF: section Basic EGF Example, org.eclipse.egf.emf.uc[1-3] plugins.
For history, examples are available here.

Use Case

  • Basic EMF Generation with Patterns: Cf. example in the org.eclipse.egf.usecase.emf.uc1 plugin - For history: Exercice EMF UC1
  • Customization of the EMF Generation: Cf. example in the org.eclipse.egf.usecase.emf.uc2 plugin - For history: Exercice EMF UC2
  • Teamworking - Integration of customized EMF Generation: Cf. example in the org.eclipse.egf.usecase.emf.uc3 plugin - Ffor history: Exercice EMF UC3


A common scenario is the following:

  • Definition of ecore models
  • Configuration of the generation orchestration for the ecore models with the EGF generation chain. Examples: model / edit / editor selection for each model, documentation, diagram.
  • Execution of the generation

Alternative scenarios:

  • Customization of the EMF generation with the factory components which participate to the EMF Generation
  • Realization in parallel of the different customizations and integration of those customizations


Video are available here:

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